Friday, July 22, 2016

Author Blog Challenge: Music I Love and Book Playlists #LifeBooksWriting

This week is about music and book playlists. I usually do the opposite thing most authors do. I make my playlist after writing the book. Sometimes I'll have pieces of a playlist if one or more songs inspired the book or certain scenes.

I have twelve complete novels and soon to have three published books. Please don't get me started on my work-in-progresses and brainstorms or I shall go on forever.

I've had a complete book come to me in one song. Crazy, I know. I do listen to music when I write, but I can't listen to music when I edit. I usually listen to the same three bands. Here is the key to my writing chaos:
Sirenia is everything to me. I studied and pasted tests in college thanks to them. I wrote so many books and I can just relax listening to them. They also have songs that are just...hard to explain. Sadly I've never seen them live. They're from Norway and haven't toured in America yet.

This German band is another I have to write to. They have so many songs I can listen to them for hours and get into the best writing mode ever. Luckily I attended their first US tour a couple years ago and met the band after the show. They are all amazing people.

and Evanscence

Evanescence started my writing career. I fell in love with Amy Lee's voice, her words, and her melodies. First I wrote poetry, but after over one hundred poems, I switched to books. The first book I finished is also my longest (about 600 pages long). I listened to ONLY Evanescence when writing this book and this was before their last self-titled album, Evanescence. I don't think it's hard to believe my first finished book is about a female rock star and the book is named after one of their songs, "Taking Over Me."
A few years ago I saw Evanescence live and met Amy after the show! Best night of my life. Sadly I couldn't tell her how she inspired me that night. I did get my ticket signed though and she pretty much hugged me in the pic. Anyway, one goal of mine is to meet her again and hand her one of my books and tell her how much her music helped me get the words from my head out onto paper.

Okay, so I can go on and on about music. I'm addicted to concerts and I have the soul of someone born in the 60s. I love 80s rock and so many bands no one has heard of. Now to playlists.

For Sydney she was inspired by Lady Gaga's song "Summer Boy." Her entire story sparked from that song and from there I hit my notebook and she took shape.

Playlist for Shades of Sydney
"Summer Boy" by Lady Gaga
"Spellbound" by Lacuna Coil
"U + Ur Hand" by P!nk
"Lost in Paradise" by Evanescence
"Darkened Days to Come" by Sirenia
"Give Me Something More" by Lacuna Coil
"Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson
"Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence
"Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" by Lindsay Lohan
"Sober" by P!nk
"Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet" by Hayden Panettiere
"Bad Kids" by Lady Gaga

Sydney's second novel

Playlist for Breaking Down Sydney
"Opheliac" by Emilie Autumn
"End of Time" by Lacuna Coil
"Closer" by Nine Inch Nails
"Hurt" by Johnny Cash
"My Heart is Broken" by Evanescence
"Darkling" by Sirenia
"Your Biggest Mistake" by Ellie Goulding
"Dear Father" by Sum 41
"Teeth" by Lady Gaga
"Emotionless" by Good Charlotte
"Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson
"Neon Lights" by Demi Lovato

Sydney's third and final book is coming soon. I'll be posting the playlist to that book on my Facebook page.


Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite bands/singers?

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