Friday, May 6, 2016

My Writing Room

*brushes away cat hair and dust*

Hello! I'm trying to bring this blog of mine back to life. Today you shall see where I have written my twelve novels, over one hundred poems, and I don't even know how many scripts.

Yes, this is my sad looking rocking chair located in Arizona. I've had this chair for years, hence the sheet to protect what's left of my beloved chair. My cat likes to sleep on the arm or on the back of the chair when I'm writing. I always have my iPod nearby and sometimes the TV is on, but muted.

One day my writing room will over look the ocean. That or my writing room will look like this...

Yes, this is what a writer's work space should look like! This is the dream! This lovely picture was taken at Warner Brother's studio in Burbank, California. Hopefully my dream of turning my books into film and TV shows will come true and I will not be just a guest at WB or any studio.

A writer can dream...


  1. Lol. Mine isnt much better. Posting later. 😊

  2. Lol. Mine isnt much better. Posting later. 😊